Peal & Co.: Fine English Shoes


For those who do not know Peal & Co., they are the Brooks Brothers made in England house brand for both casual and dress shoes (in addition to a few miscellaneous leather goods). Technically speaking, I don’t think they are actually a company anymore or at least haven’t been for quite some time. What seems to have happened, is that Brooks Brothers bought the firm back in the 1960’s (see letter below) and have used the name ever since.


With that nit-picky business aside, we move on to point of this post which is to feature some of my personal selections from the current Peal & Co. lineup. What really stand out from my perspective are the oxfords (balmorals) which have a beautifully long and lean shape that is the logical compliment to a well cut suit.

Peal & Co. U-Throat Wingtip

Peal & Co. U-Throat Wingtip $598.00

Peal & Co. Perforated Captoe

Peal & Co. Perforated Captoe $598.00 Similar in appearance to the Crockett and Jones Randolph but without the additional ornamentation on the toe.

Peal & Co. Medium Perforated Captoe $598.00

Peal & Co. Medium Perforated Captoe $598.00

These three in brown, black and burgundy have enough interesting detail to be noticeable (in the right way) without going off the deep end into frivolity. A suitable collection for your weekly rotation.


Peal & Co. sole showing traditional construction details.

Joseph Fields