Punkt Invites You To Rediscover The Alarm Clock

With core values dedicated to function, design and simplicity, Punkt sets out to make life simpler by inviting us to rediscover the one function device (in this case the alarm clock).

Designed by British designer Jasper Morrison of the Switzerland-based Punkt Group, the AC 01 measures W 3.5″ D 1.25″ H 4.25 and is made of solid aluminum with scratch resistant glass.

Currently, there is a limited edition of the AC 01 clock available in white with a red face (representing the Japanese flag). 100% of the profits from the sale are going to rebuild family homes and play areas in Maeami Japan.

There are 500 units of  these individually-numbered AC 01 clocks are for sale at select stores worldwide. If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition alarm clock please visit the following link http://www.punktgroup.com/en/130/default.aspx

The price is $145.00 for the original version which is available in black, white and red. The special edition model is $245 a price meant to commemorate the exact time the tsunami struck – 2:46 a.m. local time on March 11, 2011.

Joseph Fields