S.T. Dupont Minijet: Big Style In A Small Package

There are may uses for a lighter besides cigarettes. You may have a predilection for incense, the dreaded scented candle or maybe your a Boy Scout who wants to dispense with that tiresome old caveman approach to building a fire. In any case if you want to add a little style to your portable flame consider the MiniJet from French luxury brand S. T. Dupont.

The MiniJet is a streamlined, elegant and contemporary lighter that weighs just 42 grams and stands a mere 5.5 cm tall (2 1/4 inches). It includes a window indicating the exact gas level so you know when it’s time to fill up and most importantly has a powerful flame, which according to Dupont allows for lighting in virtually all conditions.

As for colours, virtually everything in the rainbow is available from the tasteful and classic optic white and chrome grey to the more adventurous chlorophyll green, purple and girly pink.

I have found that price can vary quite a bit on this item so shop around.

For more information or to find a list of retailers near you visit the S.T. Dupont website.

Joseph Fields