Sartorial Style: The ‘High Low’ Approach


Just what is the ‘High Low’ approach? A very good question indeed. The ‘High Low’ is a way of dressing that shows you can mix more expensive items like Zegna and Alden for example with something that is downright reasonable like Uniqlo.

Since cost for most men (myself included) is an issue, we end up having to sacrifice somewhere but that doesn’t mean the final look has to be any less impactful.

Illustrating this ‘High Low’ approach is fellow blogger and winner of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List Challenge, Kamau Hosten, a man who really knows how to pull this off.

Kamau Hosten High Low

Jacket by Z Zegna, shirt and chinos by Uniqlo, belt by Martin Dingman, shoes by Alden, pocket square by Drake’s London.

Joseph Fields