Showing Your Spots: The Dot Tie


The spot or dot pattern is one of the earliest designs used for neck-wear and some say a reference to the sun god which makes as much sense as any explanation I’ve heard. It’s has always had it supporters and is a logical choice for those who want to stretch their sartorial wings a bit after having purchased the necessary solids and stripes that most men gravitate towards.

When looking for a dot tie I would recommend you start by looking at a woven micro dot or pin dot version of this pattern followed by the more standard dot spacing (see image below).


These are both 8cm (3 1/8″) at the widest point and come from Drake’s London. The one on the left is what I’m calling the standard dot spacing which at the very bottom of the blade will only accomodate four dots. The one on the right is packed with tiny dots and from a distance may seem like a solid colour.

Either of these are purchases that you will not regret and will look especially good against a stripe shirt. Finally if there is anything to avoid, it’s too large of a dot pattern, which will have the tendency of making you look like a clown (quite literally).

david beckham wearing a dot tie

David Beckham looking sharp in his dot tie.


Joseph Fields