Comparison Shopping: Silver Knot Cufflinks


Dressing well can be expensive, that’s why finding a good value is important. Take cufflinks for example, prices can vary significantly and sometimes you still end up with the short end of the stick.

That’s why I’ve decided to to do a little comparison shopping with silver knot cufflinks. I’ve chosen this style of cufflinks because they are timeless. These silver cufflinks will look as good today as they will twenty years down the road.

I also narrowed my search with the following criteria.

  1. They must be sterling/.925 (92.5%) silver
  2. The design must be double sided (but not necessarily of equal size) and joined by a solid bar (no links)
  3. The firm that makes them does not use cheap labour to produce their cufflinks.

The last point unfortunately seems to be the downfall of many potential candidates because the country of manufacture is not openly declared. Needless to say their were also many cufflinks that fell short because the back end was a swivel closure.

What I ended up buying was a fully hallmarked pair from Hersey & Son Silversmiths. The price came in at only £54.95 ($85 USD) which was at the low end of the group and only a fraction of the cost of American brand Tiffany who sells their version of the silver knot cufflink for $400 (£310 in the UK). If I’m paying in the range of 5x the price shouldn’t the item be 5x as good? It wasn’t so I went with Hersey.


Joseph Fields