Style Classics: The Brigg Umbrella

From the  handle which is still bent by hand using steam to the frame made from fine oil tempered steel to ensure an even flexibility and unrivalled resilience against the fiercest of weather, the Brigg umbrella represents the very best of British craftsmanship.

Although this umbrella is a luxury, its usefulness in inclement weather is undeniable, just ask anyone who has had the elements claim their less than sturdy canopy.  Needless to say when it comes to umbrellas, they are not all created equally.

Featured below is one of my personal favorites the one-piece (solid shaft) umbrella with polished Oak handle. While Oak is not something I generally gravitate towards, as an accent (as with this handle) I find the combination of colour and grain imparts a certain dignified strength.

From £285.00 (for nylon canopy and gold plated collar)

Joseph Fields