The Third Shoe

Formal shoes and casual shoes. You know exactly what these are and where to wear them. But life isn’t neatly divided into only formal and casual occasions. Just like there are grey areas in music where something isn’t quite country, but isn’t quite rock (some songs by Johnny Cash), isn’t quite rock but isn’t quite reggae (some songs by The Police), there are times when neither the formal or casual shoe will seem like the right fit. That’s where the buck steps in, so to speak.  

Bucks background.

Bucks came on the scene in the late 1800s and were originally made from deerskin, hence the name. At first, they were worn as tennis shoes, which probably made a running shot along the baseline quite an adventure. Pat Boone made white bucks famous in the 1950s and, while most of you will be mercifully unaware of his music, we have to admit he could dress like nobody’s business.



Why the buck?

In some ways, bucks are sneaker-like. They come in a variety of colors like sneakers do, from the classic tan, to white, red, blue, and even grey. But the brick red sole gives them a certain dressiness that elevates them above the sneaker.


Buck up.

Bucks are the perfect choice to pair with jeans and chinos. Where a sneaker would be expected, wearing bucks instead shows you put some thought into your look. It doesn’t mean you’re over-the-top, it means you just want to look sharp-er than what’s expected.



Caring for your bucks.

Traditionally bucks have been a spring and summer shoe. Although with new colors in suede, you can certainly push things a bit until the weather gets nasty. If your white bucks start looking a bit scuffed and dirty you can give them new life with a little powder (give the internet a search, you’ll want a 4-piece kit that includes a suede brush, buck eraser, powder, and buck bag). Yes, it sounds like something your grandmother would do, but it’s a good way to give your shoes some new life.


The buck stops here (yes, it’s a horribly obvious phrase, but this is the end of the article).

So there you have it. The buck. The third shoe. Perfect for the gray areas where a formal shoe is too much and a casual shoe is too little. There are other gray areas we can’t help you with though, like how long should you wait to text a girl after you get her number? We have no idea. You’ll have to go with your gut on that. But if you were wearing bucks when you asked for her number, we’re pretty sure you’ll have made a good impression.

Originally published on Of Rogues and Gentlemen

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