TAG Heuer Link Smartphone: Your $7000 Android

TAG Heuer introduces it’s second foray into the mobile phone market and it’s first Android powered luxury smartphone the Link.

Clearly not satisfied with it’s reputation solely as a watchmaker, TAG Heuer is moving into the 21st century and only time will tell whether this will be a visionary or ill fated move by the Swiss brand.

The official release will be in July and I’m sure many additional details will surface by then. What we know now is that the Link will have a 3.5’’ display touch screen, 5-mega-pixel camera, upgradeable Google Android software, and all in all will be one of the fastest phones on the market (a short lived claim to be sure).

Since the Link has a hefty price, TAG has tried to ensure that you investment will have some longevity by equipping it to be water-tight, fully air-sealed, shock-resistant and by using Gorilla Glass (for the screen) a lightweight, and highly damage-resistant material made by Corning.

The case choices include steel, 18k rose gold, and titanium with trim available in rubber, alligator, lizard and calfskin.

The estimated entry price point is 4700€ or $6700.


Joseph Fields