Teeling Whiskey Company And The Palace Bar Create Fourth Estate Single Malt


Teeling Whiskey Company, the leading independent Irish whiskey company, has partnered with the well-known Palace Bar on Fleet Street in Dublin to launch The Palace Bar “Fourth Estate“ Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

The Palace Bar release is the latest in a range of collaborations by the Teeling Whiskey Company. It is the first release in a series of releases of Irish whiskey created exclusively for The Palace Bar.

Owned by the Aherne family since 1946, the iconic Palace Bar used to bottle their own whiskey under the Palace Bar brand – this was a commonplace practice among Dublin pubs throughout the 1940, 50’s and 60’s. However, with the development of on-site distillery bottling, this practice disappeared from Dublin in the 1970’s only to be resurrected by The Palace Bar.

The Palace Bar has since the 1940’s played host to some of Ireland’s finest literary wordsmiths, coined the Fourth Estate by the essayist Edmund Burke in 1787 to illustrate the influential power of the scribe on society.  With three of the nation’s great newspaper titles published scarcely a whiskey casks distance from Fleet Street, The Palace Bar became the social home for writers, poets, newsmen and correspondents.

As depicted on the front label from Alan Reeves 1940 illustration, this Fourth Estate Batch No. 1, in a new Historic Series of unique bottlings created exclusively for The Palace Bar, pays homage to the literary and journalistic melee that gathered beneath the stained glass windows of the Palace Bar’s back lounge.

The Palace Bar’s Willie Aherne, commented, “You can’t beat tradition – To have my Father and myself hand bottle and label our own whiskey, something my grandfather would have done in the Palace was really a special moment. This was an amazing project to work on with an Irish family owned whiskey company working with an Irish family run pub.”   

This limited edition of 1,000 bottles consists a combination of hand selected casks by Willie Aherne and Patrons of the Palace Bar and includes whiskey over 21 years old. Hand-bottled and labeled by the Aherne family at 46% with no chill-filtration allows all the true flavours of the whiskey to be retained. From its robust nose to its fully balanced array of flavours it celebrates all that is good about Irish whiskey.

Fourth Estate Single Malt

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