The Bow Tie Book

bow tie book cover

Owing its origins to the narrow scarf worn by Croatian calvary mercenaries during the 30 Year’s War (1618-1648), the bow tie in its present manifestation has, despite fluctuating popularity, been an accessory that has remained the equivalent of a stylistic chameleon.

What men’s accessory has been able to be viewed as both fussy and conservative, as well as individualistic and off-beat at the same time?   This is just one more reason why you should give the bow tie a try.

doctor matt smith bow tie

Former “Doctor” Matt Smith sporting his iconic bow tie.

The Bow Tie Book, illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock, is just plain fun, providing the bow tie novice with some history, various entertaining quotes, and a guide that shows you how to tie one yourself.  After all, who are we to argue with former “Doctor” Matt Smith when he self-assuredly states that “bow ties are cool.”

Price: $16.95 (USA and Canada) Available April 2015

how to tie a bow tie step by step

How to tie a bow tie step-by-step from The Bow Tie Book.


Joseph Fields