The Fresh Breath Of King Louis XV

Sometimes it’s not about the latest and greatest. Sometimes it’s worth searching through the past to root out some neglected gems. In this case, Botot mouthwash or as the French say eau de bouche.

When we think of its origins in 18th century France, we are more likely to recall that it was one of  the worst periods in history for physical hygiene rather than the setting for the invention of the first mouthwash.

Nevertheless, in 1755 Julien Botot (personal physician to the King) created this all-natural concoction scented with gillyflower (of the clove family), cinnamon, ginger and anise. It eventually received the endorsement of a monarchy that was coming to an end but luckily Botot survived!

This product can be a little difficult to find depending where you live so some virtual hunting may be required to track it down in your area.

Joseph Fields