The Grenadine Guide


A great way to add some variation to the look of a solid tie is with texture and our first recommended stop when heading down that road is Grenadine.

This woven delight, sometimes mistaken for a knit, is made in Italy by a handful of firms (Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi are the best known) and is generally favoured by men whose taste leans toward the classic.

A good example of this type of tie is seen in the film Dr. No where the character of James Bond (played by Sean Connery) is seen exclusively in grenadine ties from Turnbull & Asser.


Connery era Bond in grenadine tie.

Grenadine is available in four weaves Grossa, Prometeo, Piccola and Fina. However, the most common are Grossa and Fina with Fina being (as the name suggests) a fine texture that is less apparent than the coarser Grossa version of the weave. Although many colours are made the ones seen most often are navy, burgundy and black.


Detail view of grenadine Grossa silk.


Detail view of grenadine Prometeo silk.


Detail view of grenadine Piccola silk.


Detail view of grenadine Fina silk.

Grenadine ties can always be found (to some degree) at Drake’s London, Turnbull & Asser, Kent Wang and J. Press. However, the undisputed king of grenadine ties is Sam Hober who has thirty or so colour choices available in solids alone and offers all four weaves. This reasonably priced bespoke service is well worth it if you not only want to select fabric, but want to specify width, length and even construction method of your tie.

All grenadine silk images via the Sam Hober website.


Joseph Fields