Whole-Cut Shoes


Once you’ve made the decision to start investing in quality footwear and begin exploring your options, you will eventually come face to face with the shoe known as the whole-cut. Although as far as I know this type does not exist in the American made shoes by Alden or Allen Edmonds, it is offered by every serious maker of shoes in England as well as the better continental European shoemakers like Pierre Corthay.

What makes the whole-cut shoe stand out is its clean and elegant appearance which is the result of being made from a single piece of leather with no stitching (apart form the heel on some models) making it more of a challenge to ‘last’. The reason for the difficulty is that there is less give present with a single piece of leather when compared to a standard shoe which has several pieces that have been stitched together.

The final result of this labour is a sleek, sophisticated form that is a pleasure to behold and should be considered by anyone who thinks himself a shoe connoisseur. Some recommended models include Crockett & Jones Grenville, Gaziano & Girling Sinatra and Saint Crispin’s Simply.



All images from Leffot

Joseph Fields