Time For A Comeback?: The Lapel Pin


There are many items from previous generations that most of us feel are best kept in the past (like bell-bottoms for example), Sometimes however, a gem slips through the cracks and needs to be revived like the lapel pin.

While our modus operandi has always been to focus on the more minimalist elements of adornment, the tastefully use of a lapel pin much like a pocket square, gives us the added opportunity to express our individuality.

Since wearing lapel pins are far from ubiquitous, finding one that suits you may prove more difficult than expected so be patient in your search.

Though a small selection of quality lapel pins can be found at Drake’s London, I would ideally like to hold out for one from the Art Deco period, a veritable golden age of design and craftsmanship.


Drake’s London lapel pin

Joseph Fields