Shinekits: Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit


Shoes need to be maintained, otherwise the investment is wasted. They certainly won’t have the longevity they should and will not develop the patina associated with regular polishing.

While choosing a pair of fine shoes for someone else can be a daunting task, buying the shoe aficionado a kit to care for their footwear is next to foolproof. was started by two guys in Victoria, British Columbia who wanted to offer men a kit that embodies the qualities of workmanship, value and timelessness. Hand crafted in Canada from your choice of Douglas fir or cedar, their Ultimate Shoe Shine Kit contains 2 Horse Hair Applicator Brushes, 2 Horse Hair Buffing Brushes, 2 Flannel Shine Cloths and  3 Cans of Angelus Shoe Polish (Black, Brown and Neutral) which is pretty much all you need.

Price: $199 (free shipping in the USA and Canada)





Joseph Fields