Urushi Luggage From Globe-Trotter

While the Orient collection of luggage from English heritage brand Globe-Trotter is not new, it certainly is noteworthy.

For those who are collectors of Japanese art, the urushi finish which dates back as far back as 4000 B.C.E and is derived from the sap drawn from the urushi tree, is a familiar sight not only on a variety of bowls and and trays but also on Japanese furniture such as tansu. But as far as luggage goes however, the Orient collection is the only one I know to feature a urushi lacquered finish.

To create the Orient’s remarkable exterior, each suitcase is hand-crafted by a single, master Japanese artisan working from his studio in Tokyo. Here he hand lacquers the vulcanised fibreboard with several layers of urushi, before applying a final coating of clear gloss to accentuate the extraordinary natural beauty of this material. Since the appearance of the urushi will vary according to the conditions in which it dries, each Orient suitcase carries its own unique patina and features the finest champagne coloured silk lining.

Available in a variety of sizes from Globe-Trotter.

Aspinal of London (UK)

Joseph Fields