Wardrobe Elements For Autumn: The Gilet

With weather patterns being as unpredictable as they have been, men need options for those days when a winter coat is too much and lighter weight materials insufficient. These in-between or transitional periods are perfect for a gilet or what Americans generally call a vest.

Rooted in traditional country wear, the gilet provides a layer of extra warmth over a sweater or under a more substantial coat. I prefer one that is more streamlined as it is more versatile and prevents you from looking like a version of the Michelin Man.

If you’ve been looking around for a gilet and are just not satisfied with what the marketplace is offering, I would consider the bespoke services of Magee Ireland who are known for their fabrics and the country heritage look.

Hackett London Hunting Gilet £240

Magee of Ireland Tweed Gilets £120-£169

Fred Perry quilted gilet £100

Ralph Lauren plaid-lined Thicket vest $225

Joseph Fields