Whisky Stones At Uncommon Goods

While  adding a touch of water to help open up certain whiskies is recommended, diluting such a fine spirit in water warrants calling the whiskey police to come take away your bottle and give it to someone more deserving.

Andrew Hellman designed these innovative soapstone cubes for the purpose of chilling his spirits without diluting them.

Although I haven’t had the chance to give them a try,  they reportedly maintain a sipping temperature of  50 degrees, whereas ice cubes can make the whisky too cold and ruin the flavor by drowning it in water. With a glass containing 2-3 oz of whisky, 3 stones are suggested to take the liquid temperature from mid-70s (room temperature) to the optimal temperature.

Milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the United States and sold by Uncommon Goods these stones will cost you $19.50 for a set of nine.

Joseph Fields