Why You Need A Blazer


We often wish we could improve the way we present ourselves but get stuck in a way of dressing that is just too casual. Since most men are not wearing suits all the time, we need to create another option between suited up and overly casual. To do this we enlist the help of the blazer/sports jacket.

The default for most men in this area is the navy blazer which for the most part comes with those terrible gold buttons. I would ask you to steer clear of this choice which is often made from fabric that is not substantial or textured enough and ends up looking too much like a suit jacket (which you definitely don’t want).

I would try to find fabrics that go hand in hand with the season like flannel and tweed for winter and linen blends, cotton and more loosely woven wool in summer. While browsing around, I came across this nice example from Brooks Brothers which stood out in the sea of navy blazers they offer.

This two-button wool blazer features an open weave hopsack that is from the Reda Mill in Italy and is a good match for warmer weather. It is cut to the trimmer Fitzgerald fit and includes hand-finished upper armholes and has a half canvas construction.

When you mix the right blazer with chinos or jeans and a casual shirt or light sweater, it becomes an easy way (once you get used to it) of adding some variety to your look.

Joseph Fields