The Winterized Indy Boot

Alden-Indy-Boot-commando soles

Owing its moniker to the Indiana Jones franchise, the 405 Alden work boot which predates the films, is now mostly referred to as the “Indy Boot”.  It was designed for long days on your feet and while providing comfort, support, and endurance, the original cork Neoprene sole of the standard “Indy” is not recommended for winter use.

Now available at Leffot as a pre-order, the iconic boot has been winterized with the addition of commando soles allowing you to make your way through the snow, ice and slush with ease.

Made of smooth brown cowhide on the Trubalance Last, this boot fits a half size larger than the standard Alden last so adjust your personal size accordingly.

Price: $535.00


Alden’s 405C Indy Boot winterized with commando soles.

Joseph Fields