Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows + Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Bottle


Even though St. Patrick is not the patron saint of alcohol consumption, here are two St. Patrick’s Day related products that will have no problem fitting in.

1)Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows. Every marshmallow is made with real Guinness single stout and sweetened with pure Penzey’s vanilla extract before being rolled in crushed pretzels. $7.95 for A box of 16.

Wondermade Guinness Marshmallows

2)The 2014 bottling of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey pays tribute to ‘The Spirit of Dublin’. This is the fourth limited-edition design bottle and features the work of illustrator Dermot Flynn.

The St. Patrick’s Day bottle will be available at the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, which will again be the home for the Jameson Global Broadcast on March 17.

Jameson's Irish Whiskey The Spirit of DublinEnjoy the day wherever you are!

Joseph Fields