Your Own Personal Mixologist at Kickstarter


While you may not possess the skills necessary to craft the perfect cocktail, Kickstarter is raising funds for an appliance that will take care of your future bartending needs.

Until now there has been no other way to make a cocktail except by hand but now, thanks to SOMABAR The Robotic Bartender, that will soon change.

Designed specifically for your home kitchen and controlled by an app you download to our phone, the wifi enabled SOMABAR takes your ingredients (stored in the Soma Pods) and mixes them in precise quantities using positive displacement pumps that will put a cocktail in your hand in less than 5 seconds.

Scheduled for release in July of 2015, you can shave $100 off the price and get your own personal mixologist when you pledge $399 or more for SOMABAR at Kickstarter.


Joseph Fields